We offer Medical Transcription training for all three Transcriptionist levels.

We first train you to be an MT and then provide you with interesting dictations to practice what you have learned so you can build up your professional portfolio.   If you want to learn Medical Transcription or move further up the MT ladder to work on your own as an Independent Contractor or use our training as your solid foundation for working as a Voice Recognition Editor or in a position as a Medical Scribe, then you are in the right place!  For our purposes here, we will refer to your future occupation as “MT”. 

MT & Practice = Our goal is for you to be successful!

Our training enables you to apply for these jobs.  You choose to work in either the at-home or onsite capacity. 

Our training focus is built around real-life medical scenarios and dictations using proven training techniques. We give the student a very solid foundation for employment.  The training you will receive is directly applicable to the work you will be performing in the job setting.  We have focused on creating a global brand and feel very privileged to be able to help you meet your employment training needs.

We own a Transcription service and have been doing this for nearly twenty years!  When you have completed training, you will have transcribed every work type currently known.  Our training is up-to-date and relevant.  We train you by “work type” (which is how all work is assigned in Transcription) and then provide you with interesting digital practice dictations (no tapes) to gain the hands-on experience of working on actual reports.  Your completed reports are then self-corrected by comparing to the printed hard copies accompanying each module.  The links below will help you to find your level of expertise so you can select the level of training you need.  Important Note:  The complete set option also includes the foot pedal you will need for Transcription.

We offer the complete nine module package (which includes the foot pedal and Medical Terminology textbook) or you may purchase the work type modules individually to upgrade your present skills.  Our training is set at a very low price-point to help those who want and need a hand up so they too can work in this stable, very well paying, interesting career as we have.  We feel life is all about “giving back” and have priced our modules as such.  We like what we do and strive to do it well.

How long will it take to finish all of the training in the complete package set?  We calculate it will take you 14 sessions by following the recommended study schedule (a handy study schedule checklist is included in the Medical Transcription Fundamentals module).  A session is defined as ten hours per week broken down  into two hours per day – approximately 3+ months total  (so you can complete your training while living your life).  This figure is calculated assuming you will need Medical Terminology training (that textbook is included in the complete set and again, your study schedule takes this into account).   We say “approximately” because a portion of your training is in the actual transcription of the dictations we provide, so this total time to completion is dependent upon your keyboarding skills and thus cannot include your time spent transcribing.  You are welcome to adjust your training schedule to suit your needs such as having longer than two hour sessions which means you would complete your training faster OR conversely, if you are a faster typist, your total transcription time will be shorter, OR you may stretch this out over a longer period.  We offer exceptional, personalized-to-your-schedule training.  Please see the details listed in the Entire Course or on Individual Modules for a further discussion of dictation length vs Transcription time.   

Practice makes perfect – with MT Practice that is!

Please find your level of expertise below or select the training you desire:

level one    Level One: Novice or Beginner MTs

Beginner MTs:  Purchase the complete Nine Module set which includes the Beginner Bundle (this is a complete set of all modules along with both the MTMIE and MTPF texts and your foot pedal) OR purchase only the Beginner Bundle (only the Medical Terminology Made Incredibly Easy text, the MT Practice Transcription Fundamentals text and the foot pedal), OR you may purchase only the MT Practice Transcription Fundamentals Text separately.

Click here to view all novice components.

level two Level Two: Current MTs or You Already Know Medical Terminology

You are a Transcriptionist with Mid-Level Skills:  You know only “some” work types and want to learn more work types to pick up additional work assignments OR you have had only very limited Transcription training and need to fine-tune your training and learn additional work types, OR you know medical terms and are interested in entering or reentering the MT field after an absence.  Here you can pick and choose the work type(s) you need to/wish to learn.

Click here to pick and choose by individual work types.

level three Level Three: Experienced, Advanced MTs

You are an Experienced (Advanced/Professional) Transcriptionist:  This level is your selection for you to update your  medical Spellcheck words (we provide you with a comprehensive medical dictionary), and/or the selection to load up the Productivity AutoCorrect codes we provide as well as receive instruction on how to create your own future codes OR you will pick this level if you want to learn how to transcribe the newest specialty work type:  Independent Medical Exams. To date and to our knowledge, we are the only provider offering IME work type training.  This extensive, two-part module (and work type category) also includes instruction and dictations in Workers’ Compensation Reports, Multi-State Disability (universal template provided for all states), and Federal Disability dictations as well as instruction and dictations in Accidental Disability Retirement Exams.  Reusable templates are provided for all report types.

Click here for IME/WC Examination training and/or for the Productivity Module.

Of Note: 

Whether or not some providers of service (predominantly non-USA hospitals) may try to utilize some sort of voice recognition (VR) technology for their reports (in what they think could be a cost-saving measure), Transcriptionist Editors must be fully trained in all Transcription work types in order to serve as an MT Editor of those VR output reports.  We are confident our training accomplishes this An MT Editor’s job is to correct the inconsistencies and errors that will be contained in the output document, rather than physically transcribe an entire document or report.  Correcting VR errors requires thorough work type knowledge.  Although at this time MT Practice cannot (heartily) support VR technology because it does not yet meet our USA standards for utmost accuracy in a patient’s records, our training modules supply the MT with comprehensive knowledge, exposure, and practice which enables the MT to confidently apply for work as an MT Editor or VR Specialist if they so choose.  We note this here because we offer our training modules worldwide where VR may be utilized.   However, rest assured, the greater majority of providers of service (in the USA and abroad) will continue to utilize living, breathing Transcriptionists because it has been proven that our human expertise is far more accurate and valuable than any VR program on the market to date! 

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